Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Because I'd rather be doing this than studying for finals

Honestly, who wants to memorize paintings from the Renaissance? Not me. So I made this instead. This is my tattoo. It is on my left rib, and I designed it myself. I love it so much, and yes, it hurt like a mofo. But so worth it
It's my, my mom's, and both of my sisters' Hebrew names.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I really need to stop getting on StumbleUpon in the library...

I just stumbled on the coolest website ever. I have no idea who created this, but I kind of want to marry them. It's this awesome drawing board with all sorts of amazing effects. This was my first attempt at trying all the different pen effects. More to come, I'm sure, since I'm currently procrastinating the hell out of this history essay...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another oldie

My dad at his desk. Pretty typical pose for him

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pearls and Clavicles

So yesterday I made a status asking people who wanted to be drawn, because I need new portrait material. A bunch of people liked it, and although I had initially promised it to only the first person, I'm thinking now that I'm gonna do a sort of composite with a bunch of figures. If you liked my status, stay tuned... :)

It's been kind of a slow week. I was extremely lazy with this new piece, so it took me way longer to finish than it should have. I can't believe that last year I was cranking out quality pieces every week. I miss that.


Pearls and clavicles are two of my favorite things to draw. So I combined them.
Also, for some reason when I look at this I think of the song "Vienna" by Billy Joel. Not entirely sure why, but it's a great song so, hey, whatever.

Hopefully I'll get some more drawing done this weekend and can post again before Monday. We'll see....

Happy 11/11/11!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

This was my Monday

Now that midterms are over (THANK GOD) I'm hoping to be able to update this a bit more regularly. It's tough finding time for art when you're not an art student, but I find I'm much happier when I'm still creating. Also, I'm pursuing a dual major program that would enable me to sort of half major in art, which would be siiiiick. 

Oh I also went though and added all of the media used in each piece.

Happy November!

India ink and pen

Monday, October 31, 2011

One more oldie

Also from my AP Portfolio
(terrible picture quality, sorry)

Oil paint

Sunday, October 30, 2011

This is what I do when I get bored

Some people play video games. Others eat, or read books. Some might even play sports.

I whip out the chalk pastels and get messy.

Chalk pastel and pen

Some old stuff

All of these were in my AP Portfolio

Acrylic paint

Chalk pastel
Pen and watercolor

Colored pencil

India ink

Acrylic paint



I created this blog to share my art. Some of these pieces took hours to complete and were used as a part of my AP Studio portfolio. Others were doodles I did when I was bored or needed to relieve stress. Art is my outlet. Creation gives me an unparalleled sense of fulfillment.

I'll begin with a sketch of my stunning friend Marya that I've been messing around with recently. Like I told her, most of the time when I tell people that I'm going to draw them, I'm lying. But she's just too pretty and I couldn't resist.